“Astounding…so damn innovative, ethereal, powerful and unique. I’m floored by the earnestness and sincerity of your sound. The orchestration is gorgeous. This song (Name Me) is troubled and seems at conflict with its own beauty. I’m wide-eyed, like a child hearing and discovering music for the first time. There is so much power and grace in this track, and it’s delivered in such an emotive way, highlighted by some astounding, liberal instrumentation…I’m just enjoying the experience of the music as a whole entity, and it’s taking my breath away. Never stop making music. It’s artists like you that remind me why I’m a musician in the first place: purity, love and passion, all of which are exhibited here exquisitely.”
Celticpunk – Chicago, Illinois

“Opera meets Pop meets Soul. Wow! very cool song! So original. No offense my fellow americans, but this group must not be from America. Too original to be.”
4CrynOutLoud – Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

“At the intersection of classical music, opera, and avant garde rock…Conjuring suggestions of Grace Slick and Airplane, and also, somehow, a hint of the stylings of Jethro Tull or Deep Purple…with soaring passages that move the mood of the song to and fro, from dark to light. The lyrics are poetic, sung with great strength and passion…it will have listeners in love with it.”
BrooklynVoice – Brooklyn, New York 

“WOW what a sultry wonderful voice, love your songs”
Roswell, Nm

“You can really sing… haunting… sounds like a Lhasa…a favorite of mine. This song moved me.”
Wordwiseguy – Birmingham, Alabama 

“Great. You have come up with something that sounds like nothing I’ve heard before”
michaellawson01 – East Hartford, Connecticut 

” this is one of the most original songs i have ever heard… the vocals are stunning…”
byrd_brained – T-Dot, Ontario, Canada

“…your wonderful art [is] truly and simply AMAZING!”
Dennis – DeafRAven Guitarworks – Petaluma, California

“The vocals are haunting, and the acoustic guitar is beautiful. The song is taking me to a dark eerie forest and I’m digging it. I didn’t expect this… the label ‘alternative’ has been corporatized into a second string ‘pop’ and this is definitely true alternative. I can’t think of one song like it. I love it….”
LoFiHoney – Ferndale, Michigan 

“It takes a very distinctive type of music to make my passions come to life. You hit it right on the head”
Sacramento, California

“great vocalist… this is concert hall music.. everyone seated.. barely mic’d.. and making people cry…great song amidst a lot of garbage…”
eccocentric – Fergus, Ontario, Canada 

“really something special…wow what vocals… a tremendous voice…The music is great…This group is really something special. I am impressed.”
Guitarlush – Woodinville, Washington 

“Romina – your sound is a little corner of heaven!”
Colchester, Canada


“a voice that might cure you”
Brasov, Romania

“AMAZING! Better than many things here on the radio :)”
Gold Coast, Australia

“Refreshing, to hear a singer like her nowadays.”
Dominican Republic

“like tori amos singing zombie eaters by faith no more or something…sounds like the sun coming out. very original…”
monkeyjopper – Växjö, Sweden 

“This is for lovers of music that brings tranquility to the soul. It did to me. Very special…”
MrMacPhisto – Scotland 

“Great stuff ya got here!”
veronicalomar – Cordoba, Argentina 

“brilliant voice!!”
prince.andrew.a… – Chennai, India

“Nice to hear a real voice.”
Estevao – Porto Alegre, Brazil

“She’s AWESOME…”
Gothic SouL – Alexandria, Egypt