“Dear Romina, I finally had a quiet moment to listen to your CD and wanted to thank you for the warm world you have created for your listeners. Wonderful. I hope that it brings you all that would be for your highest good as a journeying spirit. All abundance…”
Jane Siberry, singer-songwriter.

“My name is Stephan Moccio, I have known Romina as a world class talented singer/musician/performer for the past 14 years…In the past I have had the privilege of working with some of the world’s most recognized artists (Sarah Brightman, Céline Dion) – I speak of Romina’s artistry and talent in the same breathe.”
Stephan Moccio, songwriter.

“Romina’s music is unique and original and yet she’s drawing from some very familiar sources. She is a wonderful combination of Joni Mitchell, Maria Callas and Bela Bartok. It has been a real treat for me to have played with her the last few years and to have played on her debut CD.”
David Occhipinti, jazz guitarist, composer.

“Una voce meravigliosa nella quale l’impostazione lirica si fonde alla perfezione con il ‘groove’ della migliore tradizione pop americana…”
(Translation: “An amazing voice with which operatic placement is blended perfectly with the “groove” of the very best traditional American pop…”)
Enzo Garofolo, writer and opera/classical music critic for Cannibali Italian Culture and Art Magazine.