Radio host of RadioRegent, Paul Corby, has named the last song on Risorgimento, Bedouin, on his list of Favourite Songs of 2018! (And there are only 12 songs on the list!!) He writes:

“Ever notice that after the morning coffee and the emails, it sometimes still takes a good piece of music to actually wake you up? Weaving through the day, I will find myself with that deep luxurious wave that a good song provides rolling in my throat at the curve the bow takes against the fiddle, or at the way that song-lady intends some gracious word or thought to be taken.”

Don’t we know what he means! One of life’s most delicious gifts is that feeling you get when a song you are falling in love with nags at your heart to listen to it again — and how sweet it is to let it seep under your skin. So good! How honoured I am that Bedouin is one of those songs for someone! Such a huge, huge honour!!

Check out the list here!